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Fani Willis Testifies And Makes A Mockery Of The Court

Fani Willis testified on Thursday at the scheduled hearing about allegations of an improper relationship between herself and Nathan Wade. The explosive testimony was live-streamed on television and internet channels on YouTube.

The Fulton County District Attorney was often defiant when answering questions. Her behavior was so bad that Judge Scott McAfee had to step in and warn her. Willis’s love interest, Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, testified at the same hearing on the same day. He was asked many embarrassing questions about the personal relationship between himself and Fani, including the million-dollar question about how personal their bond was. He admitted to having a sexual relationship with Willis.

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Wade and Wilils stopped short of saying their relationship started before November 2021. This is an essential date because Fani hired Wade as a Special Prosecutor on the election interference case in which President Donald Trump and a dozen or so others are co-defendants.

If it is proven that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade had a romantic relationship before November 2021, as Willis’s long-time female friend testified in court, then it would be easier to prove the case of a kickback scheme. Fani Willis is accused of paying Nathan Wade exorbitant amounts of money that he ultimately kicked back to her through lavish vacations and gifts.


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