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Biden’s First Press Conference Was the Saddest Ever

[OPINION] During his first news conference since taking office, President Joe Biden showed America exactly why it has taken so long for him to face the press. But the expected stammering, drawing blanks and poor train of thought weren’t the only concerns. On multiple occasions, Biden became irate with reporters who asked for simple yes or no answers in what wasn’t a good look for a first presser.

When asked if he were breaking news about a reelection campaign, Biden anxiously retorted that it was his “expectation” to run for office in 2024 — despite no signage or ads of any sort pointing to a new campaign trail. But has there ever been a president who merely “planned” to run for office again? By now, most presidents would already be ramping up voter support. But Biden’s dismissal — as if he isn’t worried about 2024 — could come across as taking his voter base for granted.

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Also on display for the whole world to see was Biden’s inability to directly answer questions about the abolishment the Senate filibuster. He told the press that he “strongly support(s) moving in that direction,” or the typical vague speak when a yes or no answer could be damning to both Senate Republicans and Democrats who may want to use the filibuster to their advantage. Biden did say the filibuster is being “abused”, but in what context? And why the about face? One Republican senator stated that Biden consistently supported the 60-vote rule during his years in the Senate.


Of course the 46th president offered updates on COVID vaccine deployment, setting a new goal of 200 million shots in 100 days and admitting that the initiative is “ambitious.” A better word for it would be asinine considering the number of people unwilling to get the jab, not even for a Krispy Kreme donut.

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Even more baffling is Biden calling out names of reporters from a list. We wouldn’t be surprised if he had a full-on cheat sheet with topics and answers ready at his disposal. By the next press conference, his administration will need to do better if we are to believe that these events aren’t orchestrated to be perceived in a certain way. By nature, these events are supposed to be uncomfortable for our Commander in Chief.

But Biden did master one thing and that is deflecting about the Southern Border crisis. He even explained why he wouldn’t go to see the situation with his own two eyes. Biden claimed that he didn’t want to “become the issue.” It’s more like he didn’t want to be the center of much disappointment and hate, as children still remain in storage containers. Had President Donald Trump refused to visit the border, the media would have his head and eat his lunch.

But like any crappy distant father would, Biden plans to write a giant check for $89 million to buy hotels for these migrant children. If pulling out tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars at random to rectify a “challenge” isn’t indicative of a crisis response, then what is it?

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Not to mention his confusing position on China was hardly reassuring. Biden teetered from not wanting to cause problems with the country to competing with them. Commentary like this can be dangerous, mostly because it’s easy to interpret Biden’s stance in any way due to his failure to speak clearly, effectively and willfully on his strategies. He lived up to the adage that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything… something that he unfortunately experienced quite recently.

Ultimately, what’s embarrassing about the entire press conference is that the whole world watched on as America’s executive incompetence went on full display. We went from a president that expressed the desires of the people to a so-called leader who tells us what he thinks is going to happen. Sadly, Americans were made to wait 65 days for a presser, and this one should tell us everything about how the next four years are going to go.


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