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Ron DeSantis Faces Criticism Over “Slaves Benefitted From Gained Skills” Verbiage

Ron DeSantis is accused of being “pro-slavery” after verbiage from Florida’s Department of Education about slaves learning valuable skills surfaced. The DoE has been hard at work creating new standards for black history in the Sunshine State. Their stated goal is to provide all information, both “good” and “bad”, to paint an accurate picture of history.

One piece of their new standards requires that teachers educate children about the skills that slaves learned that benefitted them at certain points. An obvious example is a slave who learned carpentry and used that skill to eventually purchase his freedom and live a better life afterward. Mainstream media removed all context and simply focused on the words “benefit” and “slavery”… as if Ron DeSantis was trying to say slavery is a good thing. He did not.

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This news comes on the heels of another controversy in Florida about black history. AP black history courses were edited to reflect more accuracy instead of the LGBTQ narrative that had been attached to it. News pundits and leftist politicians said that DeSantis was trying to “whitewash” or “erase” black history when, in reality, the Government in Florida brought realism to the curriculum.


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