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Jamie Foxx Returns With Video Update On His Health “I Went To Hell And Back”

Jamie Foxx has returned to the public and has recorded a video message giving an update on his health after a mysterious medical scare in April of this year. There are a ton of rumors circulating about what the “Ray” actor could have suffered from, but there is no confirmed cause with any evidence available. Foxx chose not to elaborate on what caused his medical episode, but he did say his road to recovery has been difficult, laden with potholes.

He also said that he “went to hell and back.” Foxx credits his sister and daughter for protecting him and keeping any internal information from leaking to the media. Foxx appears healthy in the short video uploaded to his Instagram page. Some say that his skin looks a little pale, but that could be a result of lighting in his home. Foxx says he is able to work and has been allowed to work, although it is not clear when he resumed any work-related activities.

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