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Sheila Jackson-Lee Says Reparations Could Have Helped Mitigate The Virus

Texas House Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee says that reparations for black Americans could help mitigate the damage caused by the virus. To be more exact, she cited a Harvard study that looked into the matter. The study suggests that if black Americans received reparations for slavery, it could have helped reduce the transmission of the virus.

This virus mitigation would not just help black Americans, but it would also help the entire population of the United States. Sheila Jackson-Lee made these comments on the House floor as part of her campaign to advocate for reparations. Not much progress has come from this conversation over the past one hundred and fifty or so years.

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Plenty of “studies” have been launched to “look into” the matter, with no positive results. However, issues like immigration and anti-Asian hate crime bills get bills drawn up and passed almost immediately. It’s almost like the reparations issue is a carrot that gets dangled in front of the black American population every few years to get a bit closer to 100% of the vote going to the Democratic party.


Democrat Says There’s A Direct Link Between Slavery And COVID | The Daily Caller

Sitting Congresswoman Claims That Reparations Could Have Slowed The Spread Of COVID | The Daily Wire

Daily Wire on Twitter: “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “Reparations for African-Americans could have cut COVID-19 transmission and infection rates both among blacks and the population at large.”” / Twitter

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