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Simple Questions Stump Young Americans Yet Again!

Fleccas Talks and Justin Awad yet again hit the streets for more trivia interviews asking basic questions to young Americans. The questions did not differ much from the previous video or two, although this time there were some basic math equations. There was, however, an entirely new batch of young people in this video being asked the questions. The environment was also different. In a previous video, Justin Awad was asking questions to young people in sort of a party, outdoor atmosphere at night. This time, they appeared to be in a shopping mall of some sort, probably during the daytime. The change of scenery and people did not really change the cringe-worthy outcome of the answers to some very basic questions about math, geography, and American history.

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  2. Welcome to 21st century cesspool of idiocy America. Not surprised even one tiny bit. Legal weed, fag marriages, abortions, “african” american ex-slave native indian and hawaiian murdering buffalo soldier hypocritical criminal niggers being killed in the act of committing crimes, now those are REAL issues to be concerned with! As if. Gawd are we ever so f’cd. Thank Jobama!


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