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Biden Admin Grants $30 Million For Free Crack Pipes

The Biden administration has granted $30 million for “smoking kits” also known as crack pipes. The intended purpose of the “harm reduction” grant is to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases among communities of people suffering from addiction. The thought process is that if someone smokes their drugs through a glass pipe instead of injecting, then the prevalence of disease typically transmitted through needles (HIV, for example) would diminish. The grant also has language that “underserved” communities will essentially get “first dibs” on the money. “Underserved communities”, in this context, means non-white and/or LGBT.

Needless to say, this announcement has hit the news like a flock of birds in a propeller. John Kennedy, the Republican from Louisiana, gave the perfect reaction. “Every single day, reality calls. And the Biden administration just hangs up”. There are clearly more pressing issues to focus on aside from free crack pipes.

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The economy is in a weird space with a ton of open positions but not enough workers. And when jobs are filled, there is a serious problem with inflation. Senior citizens with savings are impacted severely because their saved money can’t just magically adjust itself to the new costs of goods and services.

Crime is out of control all over the country. In Biden’s first year of office, 73 police officers were killed. That is the highest number since 1995. The “defund the police” movement has caused many officers to quit, retire, or move to better areas where they are allowed to actually do their job. This, of course, has caused a tremendous increase in urban inner-city crime.

There are myriad things the administration could and should focus their efforts on. Free crack pipes, so drug addicts can smoke all the drugs coming across the uncontested Southern Border, is not one of them.

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