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Snoop Dogg Reverses Course On Donald Trump

The rapper known as Snoop Dogg has done a complete 180 on his stance toward President Donald Trump. Snoop, who was once cordial to Trump in the past, developed a feud with the former President right around the time he was elected. He went on several profanity-laden tirades on social media to express just how much he did not like Trump. Then, there was the infamous 2017 music video in which Snoop “shot” a toy gun at someone dressed up as a clown version of Trump.

Fast-forward to 2024, Snoop has completely changed his tune on Trump. In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times in London, Snoop was asked about Trump in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election. Snoop says he has nothing but love and respect for Trump and hasn’t done anything wrong to him. Snoop also mentioned a key point: that Trump pardoned Michael “Harry-O” Harris. Harry-O was one of Death Row Records’ founders, where Snoop launched his career.

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Another point to consider is that Ray-J, a singer and owner of the popular “Raycon” headphones brand, is very close to Trump. Ray-J is also Snoop’s blood cousin. It would not be a far cry to presume that Ray-J was the mastermind behind Harry-O’s release and a favorable person toward Trump constantly in Snoop Dogg’s ear.


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