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Tennessee LGBT Substitute Teachers Busted By Police In Prostitution Sting

An LGBT couple who worked as substitute elementary school teachers were busted by Chattanooga, Tennessee police in a prostitution sting. A search of the couple’s home revealed extensive drug paraphernalia and a .22 revolver. They were charged with prostitution, possession of drug paraphernalia, and unlawful possession of a gun. Ezra Fry, aged 22, identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. David Acevedo, aged 25, identifies as transgender. They are both biological males. The couple say they have been doing this type of “work” for years to make ends meet.

Ezra Fry had been in local news before due to the outfit he wore to East Ridge Elementary School. He had on a black cotton dress with a head full of bright-colored pink/red hair. Parents shared a picture of him and it spread on social media. Dozens of comments expressed the concerns of citizens about such an individual having access to their children. Fry responded by saying he was not actually transgender as people had assumed and that he was “non-binary” instead. This is a distinction without difference, especially considering the status of his transgender partner and the criminal allegations against him.

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Tennessee substitute teachers, Ezra Fry and David Acevedo, busted for prostitution they do for money

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