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Gen-Z Women Say Kids Can’t Consent To Tattoos But They Can Get Puberty Blockers

The “Man vs Street” YouTube channel asked various women (and one man) their opinions about tattoos and puberty blockers for kids. Everyone who was interviewed was young adults from the “Gen-Z” generation. They all stated that kids getting tattoos would not be acceptable because they are too young for to make such a permanent decision. This is a reasonable take that most rational people in the world would have.

The interviewer asked these same people if kids should be able to get puberty blockers. All of the women changed their answers from “no” to “yes.” The man was the only one who kept his initial point of view consistent – that the kids were too young to consent to such a thing. The women explained their changed stance in a way that made it seem as if they were afraid of being labeled transphobic.

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This is a scary realization considering that these women may have children one day. If parenting decisions that can affect the entirety of a child’s life are made by a person who is afraid of simply being called names due to making correct decisions, then that is a serious problem.


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