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Texas To Send Bus Loads Of Illegal Aliens To Washington DC In Protest Of Biden Administration

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that charter buses full of illegal aliens will be sent to Washington, D.C. instead of simply languishing in Texas. This move comes after the Biden administration has signaled the end of the Title 42 directive that came about under the Trump administration. That particular rule stated that border agents were able to immediately expel migrants who came from a country with a highly communicable disease present – which clearly refers to “the” virus. This rule has been invoked some 1.7 million times since it was implemented back in 2020. Although Title 42 was not the ultimate tool to repel illegal aliens, it was most certainly something that agents used whenever they could. Now that the rule is being phased out, illegal immigration will simply surge. This puts a tremendous strain on the resources of border towns and cities in Texas.


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  1. whats truly baffling is how law abiding tax paying god fearing americans who have legitimate relationships with people abroad, marriage, kids etc., have to meet minimum housing and financial criteria, extensive background checks, interviews, stacks of paperwork, take years and 5 figures thousands of dollars in fees to bring their loved ones to the USA and yet, these scumbags waltz in free as you like by the 100 thousands every stinking day and the govt gives em a pass? Yep, sounds about right. Welcome to America!

  2. ^^^ Not to mention that if you sponsor a relative to come to the US, you’re on the hook to cover any and all costs related to any type of public assistance as well as deportation of the loved ones – but if you’re an illegal immigrant, not only can you stay and live here, the tax payer is on the hook to cover all your cost of living expenses. Makes absolutely zero common sense to punish naturally born law abiding tax paying citizens and turn around and reward the illegally present lawbreakers.


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