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Candace Owens GoFundMe Account SUSPENDED! Why?

Candace Owens’ GoFundMe account was recently suspended, and the fund-raising campaign she was running got terminated. Over $200,000 was raised and it will all get delivered to Parkside Cafe. But no more monies will be raised for them… at least not from Candace on GoFundMe.

Of course, there is a back-story here. The owner of Parkside Cafe, a bar in Birmingham, Alabama, sent a private text-message to his co-owner. In the message, he referred to George Floyd as a thug and said that he should not have died, but honoring a thug is irresponsible. The text message got shared with other co-workers and eventually found itself on social media.

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Cancel culture reared its ugly head at that point. Several employees quit Parkside Cafe as calls for boycotts swept the internet.

Candace Owens shared similar sentiments as the owner in a viral-video about George Floyd. Owens said yes, his death was wrong and yes, the officer should be held responsible, but George Floyd was not an honorable person and he should not be treated as one. Owens mentioned Floyd’s violent criminal past and the fact that toxicology revealed he was high on methamphetamine and fentanyl when he died.

GoFundMe released a statement that says, in part: “GoFundMe has suspended the account associated with Candace Owens and the GoFundMe campaign has been removed because of a repeated pattern of inflammatory statements that spread hate, discrimination, intolerance, and falsehoods against the black community at a time of profound national crisis,” the company said in a statement. “These actions violate our terms of service.”

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What Prompts GoFundMe To Say This

It’s interesting that GoFundMe would release a statement like this. They are a tech company in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Companies like this are notorious for not having many black or Hispanic employees and mostly whites and Asians instead. This is fine, but mind-boggling when posed in juxtaposition next to their statement.

Why is GoFundMe in a position to make statements like that? How are they the arbiter of what is intolerant or hateful towards the black community? GoFundMe morphed into what they purport to be against. Discriminatory and hateful.

Nothing Candace Owens said was incorrect. Liberals of all races and a handful of black conservatives say Candace should have more empathy for the man. They say her delivery is wrong and will turn people away from the right. But the reality is more black conservatives are like Candace Owens than are not.

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Americans in general, especially on the right, are beginning to realize that truth is a commodity in rare supply when it comes to media types. Television is full of lies to appease corporate sponsors and big-wig types at the top. Even Fox News is beginning to look more and more like MSNBC.

Truth Is A Hard Pill To Swallow

Candace Owens represents truth and unapologetic reality. Everyone may not like it. Some may feel offended. But politics are a rough endeavor that everyone is not cut out for.

People who dislike Candace Owens may think GoFundMe is virtuous in terminating her campaign and suspending her personal account. But the reality is that they don’t like many conservatives at all. It’s just easier for them to attack a conservative who has other conservatives at her neck because of envy and jealousy and hurt feelings.

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