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Trump’s Lawyers Place Democrat Hypocrisy on Full Display

Lawyers for Trump’s second impeachment case did an excellent job of placing Democrat hypocrisy on full display. After being criticized the first day or two for appearing ill-prepared and inferior to the defense of the House, Trump’s lawyers brought their “A” game on Friday, February 12th. They were laser-focused on the idea of hypocrisy as it relates to the Democratic party and/or those that support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

At least three Republican Senators including Ted Cruz met with Trump’s defense team before Friday’s appearance on Capitol Hill. Several Democratic Congressmen expressed that this meeting was “inappropriate” although this is a practice that has been done before and is not without precedent. It is possible that they gave them a little better direction on how to handle the court proceedings, but that is just speculation. Whatever Trump’s legal team put into their morning coffee most certainly worked.

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Democrats and some Republicans who support the idea of impeaching Donald Trump attach their argument to this idea of “incitement”, which is the lone impeachment charge. They say that Trump “incited” the mob to “storm the Capitol” on January 6th, 2021 with his rhetoric that day and in days prior. The rhetoric that impeachment supporters cite include instances of Trump questioning the outcome of the election and the idea of rallying his supporters to “fight” down at the Capitol. Mainstream media have been rolling with this thought process as well. Trump’s lawyers put a wet blanket on all of that.

House impeachment managers presented videos of Trump “inciting” the January 6th mob and of the violence people committed on that day. However, they left key parts out of their videos. Such as the moment where Trump said “peacefully and patriotically” march down to the Capitol to make your voice heard. Democrats also did not show the countless videos of their Democratic colleagues challenging election results, alleging that the results were tampered with or rigged, and using the word “fight” in a political sense – just the same as Trump did.

The overall message one must takeaway from Friday’s impeachment trial is that there are one set of standards for renegade Republicans who don’t stick to the script and establishment Democrats who apparently can do no wrong. And none of the impeachment proceedings actually matter anyway because the outcome has been predetermined. There aren’t enough Republican votes to reach the 2/3 super majority vote in the Senate (67 out of 100). All that can be gained from the impeachment process is exposure of politicians as fraudulent or solid.

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