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US Navy Allegedly Knew The Submarine Imploded On Sunday

A senior US Navy official says they heard acoustic evidence of the Oceangate Titan submarine imploding on Sunday. Almost immediately after the vessel lost communication with the ship above water, the Navy began listening for it. A short time after the submersible’s descent, the Navy heard sounds congruent with that of an implosion. This news was immediately relayed to the Incident Commander to help with search and rescue. However, this news was not shared with the general public.

This story has gripped the nation, and parts of the world, for the better part of a week. The general thought process was that five people were entombed in this minivan-sized vessel with a finite amount of air. The US Coast Guard and the news media both said that search and rescue were centered around areas where “banging” noises were heard. One particular news station had a countdown in its lower third that displayed how much time was left until the submarine’s oxygen ran out. All of this was totally unnecessary and misleading, at best. The search and rescue mission was truly just about recovering debris.

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