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White House LGBTQ Celebration Goes Wrong Almost Instantly

The Biden Administration threw the “largest LGBTQ celebration” ever at the White House for Pride Month. Joe and Jill Biden were on the White House lawn hosting the event. Several social media influencers and regular people alike were in attendance. At least two pictures from the event went viral from the event.

The first picture to garner a lot of attention was the pride flag hanging vertically on the Truman Balcony overlooking the South Lawn. The flag was flanked by two United States flags. Many took umbrage with the juxtaposition of the pride and U.S. flags, looking at the symbolism is wholly disrespectful. The next picture to go viral was of a transgender social media influencer Rose Montoya, exposing his “breasts” while covering the nipple. For an administration that claims to have run on bringing “decency” back to the White House, the people they invited to the event surely don’t embody that.

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