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AOC Says Southern States are ‘Oppressed’, Need to be ‘Liberated’

We kid you not. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offered what was quite a unique call for healing, stating that the only way that our nation can repair itself is for it to liberate “oppressed” states in the South. “Actual liberation,” the congresswoman says.

The very states that most left-wingers claim are full of white Republicans are also “suppressed,” it seems. During her IG livestream, AOC claimed that these states are not “red states.” So which states are? And by what criteria is a state Republican or Democrat? Maybe, just maybe, she believes that all Americans are actually Democrats. That no one could POSSIBLY be on the Right. That Donald Trump’s election in 2016 wasn’t even real and that perhaps his 70 million plus supporters were just forced, tricked, coerced or hoodwinked into voting for him in 2020.

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Of course, in AOC’s world, there’s no chance of diversity of thought. All people are the same and have the same beliefs. Yes, that’s it. Just some people — whole populations of people in this case — are simply brainwashed or under control of some sinister power. Because how could a person even believe in the concepts of capitalism, free markets, First and Second Amendment rights, freedom of religion, border wall protection and that there are only two genders? Consider everything in our nation’s Constitution crazy and “backwater,” according to AOC.

How condescending is it to treat half of America as people who don’t know any better? And what insight could a 30-something lawmaker from New York possibly offer about Southern living? I’m fairly certain business owners, church-goers, families and hardworking men and women are tired and unwilling to take any additional crap from Congress — especially after the year we just survived.

But to call Southerners oppressed is quite the stretch. Weren’t we calling white Republican men “privileged” not too long ago? Or is Southern prosperity a mistake that should have never happened? I guess these rich white people have absolutely no idea what they’re doing to be so well-off, yet so oppressed at the same time.

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But the greatest concern is what she means “actual” liberation. If AOC believes Americans are going to follow her lead by force, then she’s the one needing reeducation about the U.S. of A.


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