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FBI Arrests Left-Wing Activist in Utah For His Role in Capitol Riot

The FBI arrested left-wing activist John Sullivan in Salt Lake City, Utah for his role in the Capitol riot. Sullivan goes by the name of Jayden X and has a YouTube channel where he films himself at a variety of different places, including the Capitol. Not only was Sullivan at the Capitol, but he was also inside of the building when he should not have been there, allegedly posing at a journalist. Sullivan is on camera saying that he “always uses” that excuse of being a journalist while carrying a big camera on his shoulders to get into certain spaces for his own purposes.

According to reports, Sullivan told the FBI he is a journalist but there is no evidence of him ever being linked to a news outlet of any kind. Sullivan does, however, have a history of showing up to conservative events and causing problems, including inciting riots. The FBI says Sullivan is on tape doing just what others have accused him of in the past – inciting riots. Even if Sullivan was actually a journalist with a press pass, his behavior during the events was completely uncalled for and beyond the scope of what an actual journalist does.

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Several articles have surfaced that claim there is no evidence that ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter was at the Capitol riot. A more accurate article would stress the fact that this information has not been revealed yet, but it could be very soon. CNN had John Sullivan on his show after the riot to speak about what he saw.

During the CNN interview, Sullivan was sitting next to a woman named Jade Sacker. She was at the Capitol building with Sullivan. Sacker’s role is allegedly that of an independent filmmaker and there is no word on whether she will be or has been arrested. If CNN had Sullivan on in the role of a journalist, that means they didn’t know about his background. How many other people were at the riot with a similar back story? Probably, and most likely, many more than what is currently known.


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