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Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Labeled “DEI Hire” By Online Trolls

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott was labeled a “DEI hire” by some social media accounts on Twitter. Two posts alluding to the same thing got about 24 million views each. Some people see such posts as jokes, but they are highly offensive to others. In a perfect world, these posts would stay on social media and not bleed into mainstream society. But, of course, social media and the “real world” are one and the same. Think pieces were immediately drafted up, and MSNBC invited Mayor Scott on to talk about the obvious issue of the bridge accident as well as “racist” attacks against him.

“DEI” refers to a corporate practice of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” It refers to the efforts of corporations to hire and promote people from “underrepresented” communities. Sometimes, such efforts are considered harmful and discriminatory because they remove disqualified candidates from a job and replace them with people with fewer qualifications. It is akin to affirmative action discrimination in college. An elected official, however, does not get “hired”… they are elected. Brandon Scott won his election with over 70% of the vote. To criticize his policies and track record in office is totally fine. Memes and attacks based on his race and nothing else are just… racist.

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