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Candace Owens Opens Up A Can Of Worms On BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors

BLEXIT founder Candace Owens opened up a can of worms by exposing BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors live on Instagram. The story begins with a visibly pregnant Owens visiting one of Patrisse Cullors properties that were allegedly purchased with BLM money. Cullors and the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) have allegedly purchased a real estate portfolio worth nearly $10 million, including a $6 million estate in Los Angeles. The multi-million dollar estate was purportedly purchased for the purpose of using as a BLM “content production house”. Until recently, the only piece of content produced at this house was a YouTube video posted to Cullors’ YouTube page. During a recent Associated Press interview, Cullors admitted to also throwing her son’s birthday party at the lavish home as well as a Joe Biden inauguration party. This is of serious concern considering the allegations against BLMGNF of using donation money to fund personal purchases, such as private residences for Patrisse and many others.

Candace Owens, and many other people across the United States (not just conservatives), have concerns about where BLM’s finances are going. Patrisse Cullors was recently named in an investigation into BLM expenditures. Apparently, one person was officially in control of finances but that person does not appear to have that role anymore. So the job of bookkeeper/treasurer appears to be open. And the question of “where is the money going” is a persistent, nagging one that Cullors has not given a proper answer for. All of these floating questions caused Candace Owens to launch an investigation/documentary in which she physically goes to the alleged BLM properties to ask questions. The result was somewhat of a “meltdown” from Cullors over Instagram while Candace responded to say what’s really going on.

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  1. Shes just one in a long line of opportunistic self centered greedy racist BLM leaders busted for using donation money as a personal bank account to buy mansions, exotic vacations, guns, strippers, jewelry, cars, suits, drugs and so on. Patrisse Cullors? Tyree Conyers-Page (aka Sir Maejor Page)? Pamela Moses? Clark and Monica Cannon-Grant? Alicia Garza? Melina Abdullah? Shalomyah Bowers? Raymond Howard?.. the list of pathetic anti-white racist scumbag native indian and Hawaiian murdering Buffalo Soldier hypocrite ghetto trash crooks goes on and on and on. Anyone who supports BLM is a POS brainwashed moronic tool. Anti-white racism is big business in America, employing nearly half of the 12% black community.. so crime actually does pay then and heres the proof. Theyve created and defined themselves as the very definition of the word nigger. How ironic.

  2. it isnt only blm. look at the history of black political leaders mayors police chiefs across america and how many have been arrested and jailed for corruption, drugs, racketeering and all sorts of crimes. yes they are the worst kind of hypocrites. same as it ever was. give an inch and they take ten thousand miles until caught and jailed where they belong. violent crime is out of control today thanks to these bottom feeding black racists. all they can do now is deflect and blame white america for their self inflicted inequalities. detroit, new york, washington, chicago, atlanta, los angeles, in fact every big city in america has been ruined by black politicians, their “gangsta” street bum communities and drugged out gay brainwashed wannabe woke americans supporting them. enough is enough!!!

  3. This what happens when you appease and embolden uneducated opportunistic street scum criminals.

    I’m a victim. Poor me, I have dark skin. Boo hoo. Lifes not fair. White people owe me money. Boo hoo. You are not special. Nobody owes you anything. YOU Buffalo Soldiers owe native American indians EVERYTHING you fucking hypocrites.

    You want to blame all of white America for what a very tiny minority fraction did to your ancestors 150 years ago? Well then the same can be applied to your Buffalo Soldier ancestors and the genocide of native indians and hawaiians, not to mention the ongoing discrimination of them by your 21st century corrupt scumbag black politicians. BLM and all who support them can GFYS.

  4. What about white America that immigrated post civil war in the 1900’s? they had nothing to do with slavery or discrimination but blacks sure did discriminate against them upon arrival. Millions of immigrants and tens of millions of their decedents today are being accused of racism when in fact they were the ones being discriminated against? what blacks, ex-slaves did to native American people is unforgivable. What blacks did to 20th century immigrants is unforgivable. and yet the only people whining about reparations are black people. this is the definition, the epitome, the posterchild of hypocrisy.

    And what about the millions of whites who fought against slavery from the late 1700’s when all forms of slavery were officially made illegal in the USA? what about the million that died during the civil war? you blame all white people for something maybe 500,000 were involved with, most of which did not own any slaves at all but fought for freedom of choice and property, most of which were killed during the war. how about your tribal leaders in africa who started and profited from the slave trade in the first place? how about the africans that invaded Europe and committed genocide and white slavery there for well over 1000 years? yeah yeah ignore factual history nobody wants to mention or talk about because it doesnt fit your self centered delusional Buffalo Soldier hypocritical narrative. How convenient for you.

    These 21st century black criminal lazy street scum of America deserve nothing but permanent removal from society. Good riddance!

  5. Yeah yeah. Interesting fact 🙂 1-2 black people are murdered by another black person every hour of every day, week in and week out month after month year after year in America. since BLM began there has been a 30% increase in black on black violent crime. Since that muppet Obabma was elected president there has been a 60% increase in black crime. So ya see this is exacty what happens when you appease and embolden these uneducated racist POS “African American” street scum. Its time for white America to take back control.


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