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Disturbing Update On US Army Defector Who Fled To North Korea

The US Army charged defector Travis King with several offenses, including desertion, after fleeing to North Korea from the South in July. The Army private was returned to the United States by the Hermit Kingdom after spending over two months in their custody. Surprisingly, he was returned unharmed, unlike American tourist Otto Warmbier who wound up in a vegetative state. Travis King faced a wide-ranging case in the United States upon his return, including permanently abandoning his military duties when he defected.

The Army says Travis King attempted to escape US Military custody before fleeing to North Korea. He had been involved in a fight with locals and was arrested afterward. The Army says he consumed alcohol and also damaged a police vehicle during the arrest process. Several violations occurred in one night. He also allegedly targeted fellow US Army Soldiers. When King was released from US custody and transferred to the airport for immediate deportation back home, he was able to escape and literally skip into North Korea.

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The most egregious offense that King is charged with is the solicitation of child pornography. The Army says they have evidence of King soliciting explicit material involving children on Snapchat. He was very explicit and specific with what he was looking for. King asked someone on Snapchat to produce the material for him using a child.


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