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Feds Indict Bostom BLM-Affiliated Group On Fraud Charges

Federal agents have indicted Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband of the BLM-style “Violence In Boston” group on fraud charges. The husband/wife duo allegedly took money from the organization that should have gone toward charitable causes and spent it on themselves. Everything from hair and nails to a house was purchased with charity funds. There is also an allegation of pandemic fraud. Plenty of money came through their charity organization as well as the couple’s separate jobs. That did not stop them from allegedly claiming pandemic hardship.

Local activists say that this is a very bad look for the movement. And of course, it is. Several other Black Lives Matter organizations have done the exact same thing. They purport themselves to fight for the rights of black people. They rabble rouse online, in communities, on television, and anywhere else they can to promote the cause of social justice. Time and time again, the more well-known groups are discovered to have engaged in some sort of fraud or fishy activities. The top dog of them all, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, was found to have a $3.4 million real estate portfolio. Cullors probably did not do anything technically illegal, but there is no question that her wealth most certainly derived from the BLM movement. Cannon-Grant clearly didn’t follow the Cullors playbook and cinderblock walls will be in her immediate future.

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  1. LOL.

    Yep, and these arent the first BLM founding member/leaders to defraud Americans. There is already a long list of convicted fraudsters associated with this group of delusional losers. The entire organization, if it can even be called that, is riddled with street hustling ex-con felon anti-white hate mongering opportunistic gang member scum of the earth hypocrites. Mansions, yachts, jewelry, guns, strippers, drugs, sports cars, new suits, that is where your donation money and our tax dollars end up FFS.

    And their entire ideology is crushed into decimation by one simple fact – African Americans, many of which were recently freed slaves ironically, voluntarily enlisted and participated in the “convert or exterminate” mandates targeting the genocide, relocation and reeducation of kidnapped and recently orphaned children, stolen land and resources, banned language and culture, ongoing discrimination of native Indians to this very day perpetrated by black leaders, not to mention Mexican, Canadian, Hawaiian and Alaskan indigenous peoples, you did unto others worse than what you complain about being done to you. If you wanna go THERE, sure then lets go ALL the way there, black hypocrites are not immune to accountability.


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