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Fox News Allegedly Cut Ties With Diamond And Silk!

Fox News Channel have allegedly cut ties with political commentators Diamond and Silk, according to The Daily Beast. The network’s decision comes after the duo made several controversial comments about COVID-19.

Diamond and Silk have been vocal opponents of the virus shutdowns, the reported number of cases, and more. According to reports, they said that the number of virus cases were inflated to make President Trump look bad. Which is a viewpoint held by many Americans including some doctors that treat COVID-19 patients. If not to make the President look bad, then the numbers are definitely inflated in general.

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Coronavirus Response Coordinator Doctor Deborah Birx even admitted that all persons who die with COVID in their system will be listed as a COVID death.

The pair also spoke out against vaccines, especially those involving Bill Gates. Again, this is another thing many Americans would agree with. California E.R. Doctor Dan Erickson was quoted as saying that half of Americans probably don’t want the vaccine due to fears of getting sick or injured.

Nothing that Diamond and Silk have said regarding the virus on air or through tweets is unheard of. But Fox News Channel may have a standard that they want anyone appearing on their platform to abide by. Diamond and Silk were not FNC employees. They licensed videos to Fox Nation and were regular guests on Fox News.

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The duo are lucky that Fox News does not employ the directly and that they have their own platform. Trish Reagan was not so lucky as she was a Fox News anchor. Reagan was fired by FNC over COVID-19 comments that were similar to what Diamond and Silk said.

President Trump expressed his support for Diamond and Silk on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

Trump has been a recent vocal critic of Fox News. He noted that FNC have hired some questionable characters including the disgraced former Speaker, Paul Ryan and former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile. The President has also accused Fox of adopting “Democrat talking points” in an effort to be more politically correct.

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