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Fyre Fest 2 Has Already Sold Out Of Pre-Sale Tickets With No Artists Or Venue Announced

The infamous “Fyre Fest” is back with another promise of a star-studded concert event and they have already sold out of presale tickets. 100 tickets priced at $499 before taxes and fees have already been sold without an artist lineup or venue announced. The main man behind the “Fyre Festival” brand, Billy McFarland, has been going on the interview circuit hyping up the recently announced venture.

McFarland did nearly four years in prison for wire fraud due to the disaster of the first festival that never actually happened. Back in 2017, McFarland (along with rapper Ja Rule and others) promised a star-studded music festival in the Bahamas. McFarland did not have basic knowledge of infrastructure, let alone how to throw a successful event. So, of course, the event became very expensive, very quickly and time became his enemy.

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He took investor money to pay off random debts and other things that needed to be paid instead of using the funds for their intended purpose. Investors say McFarland essentially robbed Peter to pay Paul. And now, McFarland is in a position to try it all over again.


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