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Ice Cube Attacked For Working With The Trump Administration!

Ice Cube was attacked on social media and in online publications over working with the Trump Administration to develop the “Platinum Plan.” The ball of negativity started rolling when White House advisor Katrina Pierson tweeted a “thank you” to Ice Cube. Pierson thanked Cube for his willingness to sit down and talk with the Trump administration to improve and implement the Platinum Plan, which is designed to help black Americans.

Ice Cube has recently become active in politics and he routinely outlines his viewpoints on social media videos, specifically Twitter videos. Cube outlined what he labels the “Contract With Black Americans” or CWBA for short. The CWBA closely resembles the Platinum Plan in some aspects, including calls for police reform and financial incentives to black communities in America. Cube said that both sides of the aisle contacted him about the CWBA. Democrats told him to wait until after the election while the Trump administration implemented some of the CWBA into the Platinum Plan.

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Bipartisanship should be practiced more in the United States. Especially when there is an election going on and competition for votes is actively happening. The Democrats apparently do not feel this way when it comes to the black vote. Democrats essentially brushed Ice Cube off. The excuse from the left is that Joe Biden already has a plan for black Americans called “Lift Every Voice” and that there was no need to change it. If that’s the case, then why say wait until after the election? If it won’t change now, why would it change afterward? And what happens when Biden loses? Nothing?

People who attack Ice Cube online don’t seem to care about practicality or doing things that make sense. They would rather Cube get nothing done than to work with a person that they do not like. All sorts of negativity was been thrown in Cube’s direction as a result of working with the current administration. The blue check mafia on Twitter came out in full force to rebuke the longtime media mogul. Even white liberals went back to their roots, fully unmasked, and resorted to calling Ice Cube “sellout” and “Uncle Tom” right along with their black liberal colleagues.

It truly should not matter who the person in the White House is. If Ice Cube has a plan that he wants implemented to help black Americans, and people who have the power to get it done are willing to listen, then it simply makes sense to at least take the meeting. And if the administration is truly able to get it done, then you work with them to make it happen. All the left vs right stuff should get put on hold if accomplishing a thing is truly the objective. If simply attacking someone is the ultimate goal then who cares about true accomplishments?

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