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Is ‘Fake News’ Attempting to Discredit Sidney Powell?

The mainstream media continues to host its doom and gloom broadcast, and in this episode, it appears they are trying to discredit Sidney Powell and her role in President Trump’s legal proceedings.

During a recent press conference by the Trump Campaign, attorney Rudy Giuliani stated that Powell is “practicing law on her own.” The President’s personal lawyer, along with cohort Jenna Ellis, went on to explain how Powell doesn’t aid Trump in a “personal capacity.”

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And then the Mainstream Media couldn’t wait to turn this around, stating that the legal team had “distanced itself from Powell.” Another article suggested that she had “gone too far” and is “off” the team. Original reports went as far as to say she had been fired. But you can’t get fired if you haven’t been hired, right? One headline said the legal team “disavows” Powell. But did anyone hear that from the presser? We, the people, didn’t. (Or maybe my ears are failing me.)

Powell clarified the press release, stating she will “continue to represent” Americans who are victims of the alleged fraud. In other words, she is doing this because she believes in every American’s right to a free and fair election by her own doing and not because she was appointed. How noble. But to many of us, clarification wouldn’t have been needed had the media not twisted things to their liking. We the people see this as yet another MSM attempt to downplay the allegations of election fraud.

Only Newsmax would publish an accurate report of what Trump legal team conveyed in the presser. It’s no surprise that the network’s ratings are skyrocketing in the wake of excessive fake news floating about.

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All of this occurred not long after Powell said the filings in Georgia would be “biblical.” I’m sure that statement has a lot of political bloomers in a bunch. But no… Democrats and Biden supporters should be reassured and resting easy, knowing that they won fair and square, right? Then why are they so obsessed with debunking the allegations if ‘everybody knows’ they are false? If these findings are not true, then we’ll see Joe Biden in the White House in 2021, right? The lack of chill on part of the Far Left, progressives and mainstream media is suspect to say the least.


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