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Jeffrey Epstein Documents Unsealed, Prominent Names Mentioned

Court documents relating to a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell have been unsealed. Over 170 people are said to be mentioned in the documents, although only about 70 of these names are currently available to the public. Some names are redacted, although the list is in alphabetical order. This clue leads some sleuths down the path of filling in blanks and connecting dots. Some say that one of the redacted names could be world-famous actor Tom Hanks, who has already been rumored to be associated with the now-deceased child predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, and others are among the recognizable names mentioned. Out of the celebrity mix, none of the people are accused of any legal wrongdoing. Bill Clinton is obviously mentioned quite frequently throughout the papers. The general public most likely thinks that he was engaged in nefarious activities at “Epstein Island” and on the “Lolita Express” private plane belonging to Epstein. That may or may not be true, but it is not backed up by documentation released.

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