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Meghan McCain Threatens Legal Action Against Host Of “The View” Over Hunter Biden Comparison

Meghan McCain has threatened to sue “The View” host Ana Navarro over a comparison to Hunter Biden. McCain is former President John McCain’s daughter, for proper context. During an episode of “The View”, Ana Navarro attempted to downplay the allegations against President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. She said it is not a big deal for Hunter to use his name for “influence-peddling.” Navarro then went on to say that other people have done the same thing, including those “sitting at this table.”

Navarro’s “The View” co-hosts reacted to her assertion, looking confused, as if to say they aren’t the person she is speaking of. One of the women, Alyssa Farah, asked Navarro to be specific. She responded by saying that she was not speaking about anyone currently sitting at the table but about someone who had previously sat at the table. The cohosts then break into laughter, as does the audience.

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Although Ana Navarro did not mention Meghan McCain by name, it was obvious that she was speaking about the former Vice President’s daughter. Meghan responded on X (formerly Twitter) by saying “all accusations are absurd, defamatory, and slanderous.” Subsequent news reports say that McCain will be “consulting” her lawyers about “what was libeled against.”


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