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Michelle Obama SHAMES Black Voters Over Hillary’s 2016 Loss!

In an upcoming Netflix Documentary, former First Lady Michelle Obama scolds black voters for not coming out en masse during 2016’s Presidential election. Mrs. Obama also expresses her “trauma” over other minorities and women for not showing up to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. She referred to the lack of voting as “a slap in the face.” As a matter of fact, Michelle says that staying home and not voting is actually worse than voting for Trump.

Michelle Obama’s controversial comments come from a Netflix special that bears the same name as her 2016 book – “Becoming.” In the documentary, Michelle – along with her children Sasha and Malia – are recorded going on tour and giving interviews about topics discussed in the book. Not much time is spent on bashing Trump. But there is … enough time spent on shaming black voters over not doing enough to help the Democratic party succeed.

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Demanding more from black voters is like drawing blood from a stone at a certain point. African Americans already vote at a 90%+ rate for the Democratic Party every single year. And it’s been that way since the 1970s. So what more does the Democratic party want from the black community?

The issue here could be about preservation, not necessarily current accumulation. Democrats see the writing on the wall. It’s about playing the long game. The Democratic party has a virtual stranglehold on minority voting blocks. But that is starting to change. More and more special interest and/or minority groups are changing how they vote.

If the Democratic party is to survive, then they cannot have the black voter base waver at all. Even at 13% of the US population, the black vote is crucial. First of all, it gives Democrats a solid foundation and guaranteed numbers in every election. Second, it is often the deciding factor.

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Whites generally vote 50/50. Hispanics usually go 60/40. Blacks vote 90/10. Black women vote at an even higher rate at nearly 100% for the Democratic Party. If not for the black vote, elections would be much closer because other groups of people vote much more evenly. Black people vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic party so that changes an even race to an uneven one. This is why Joe Biden won South Carolina. Strictly because of the black vote.

Michelle Obama could very simply just be working for the Democratic Party under the guise of being in the entertainment industry. High-level propaganda, no different than the Chinese Communist Party. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, Americans are not walled off from information like citizens in other nations are.

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