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NYC Migrant Hotel Conditions Exposed By Whistleblower

A whistleblower has come forward to expose the abhorrent conditions of the Roosevelt Hotel, which has been transformed into a migrant intake facility. Local NYC news calls the once-glamorous location “the new Ellis Island.” Reporters and videographers have previously exposed the lobby areas outside of the actual rooms. However, a whistleblower has come forward to speak on the conditions beyond what the media has allowed the public to view.

During a Fox News interview with Stuart Varney, the whistleblower spoke of an instance where five floors did not have electricity at the Roosevelt. This is because of all the migrants who wanted to use air fryers in their rooms to cook food. Many of these people do not understand how to use shower curtains properly. This caused a ton of water to rain on the bathroom floor, causing water damage to the floor and the ceiling below. And all of this chaos is funded by taxpayer money, which is often wasted because it can be wasted.

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