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RFK Jr. May Become The 2024 Ross Perot By Running As Third-Party A Presidential Candidate

Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. (RFK Jr.) may become the 2024 version of Ross Perot by running as a third-party candidate for President. RFK Jr. has been running his campaign as a Democrat, placing himself in the same category as incumbent Joe Biden and fellow challenger Marianne Williamson. He has gained quite a bit of support from current and/or former supporters of President Donald Trump as well as disillusioned 2020 Joe Biden voters. He has gained sort of a cult following online and, of course, he has the Kennedy name and bloodline and that reputation precedes him.

Both Democrats and Republicans may be weary of RFK Jr. running as a third-party candidate. The level of support he has could position him to be the new Ross Perot. Back in 1992, Bill Clinton ran against incumbent President George H.W. Bush who was the Vice President of Ronald Reagan. Bush’s popularity wasn’t quite where it should be and some Republicans wanted a different choice. Ross Perot did not win any electoral votes but he did win over 18% of the popular vote. Many theorize that his success led to the downfall of George H.W. Bush and the victory of Bill Clinton, which led to back-to-back terms for the now-infamous Democrat.

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