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Texas Democrat Jasmine Crockett For Her Performance During Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Texas Democratic House Rep Jasmine Crockett has gone viral for her performance during the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Crockett, who represents parts of the Dallas area, became very popular in “black” areas of social media and also with liberals in general for the way she spoke to House Republicans.

She contended that the impeachment inquiry was a waste of time due to a lack of evidence against Joe Biden. She says that Republicans kept using the word “if” when speaking about what Biden may have done. Crockett also said that there was too much of a focus on Hunter, and that if Joe was guilty of anything it would be loving Hunter too much.

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Jasmine Crockett wouldn’t be a Democrat in Congress without mentioning Republicans. She decided to avert attention away from Joe Biden and focus on the ongoing criminal cases against Donald Trump. At one point, she held up a sign of the “classified documents” found in a bathroom at Mar-A-Lago. Of course, her delivery was not as mundane as it may come across in written form. She was very “lively” and some may call her performance “ghetto” and embarrassing.


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