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Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best QUITS After City Defunds Police!

The City Council of Seattle, Washington voted nearly unanimously to defund the Seattle Police Department. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best immediately retired as a result of the City Council vote. Over 100 officers will no longer be employed by SPD as a result of the cuts. The original plan to defund police called for Carmen Best to receive a 40% cut in salary, which equates to over $100,000. The updated version reduced her pay cut by 6%.

George Floyd Effect

The “defund police” movement has gripped the nation since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Black Lives Matter “protests” have become riots and vulnerable cities, like Seattle, were essentially taken over. The CHAZ / CHOP occupation of Capitol Hill in Seattle lasted for two months and claimed the lives of at least two people. Both of the victims in CHAZ / CHOP were young black males, which is both unfortunate and ironic.

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Former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best was adamantly against not only the movement to defund police but also the general actions of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. SPD was ordered to vacate the East Precinct due to “protesters” (rioters) taking over the area. Best appeared on television several times to rail against the action of abandoning the precinct, saying over and over that it was not her call.

Radicals In Charge

There is not much room for a person of law and order to thrive in Seattle. The entire City Council in Seattle is pro-defund. Only two people did not vote for the action of defunding the police that goes into effect in November of this year. One person was not present and did not vote at all, and the other person was Kshama Sawant who voted “no.” Sawant is the most radical person on the City Council. She may actually be the most radical elected official in the United States.

Sawant, an open communist, probably voted “no” on the action of defunding police because she thought the action didn’t go far enough. Carmen Best’s salary was slashed in the bill, but instead of the 40% that Sawant probably wanted, it was only cut 6%. Kshama Sawant opened up City Hall so rioters could take it over after the far-leftist Mayor ordered it closed. That points to Sawant not wanting police or any authority of any kind. Just chaos and lawlessness, which is what currently reigns supreme in Seattle.

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Moving Backward

Carmen Best was the first black female Police Chief in the history of Seattle. Her appointment to Chief was met with much fanfare from locals in the black community. She retired after over 28 years with SPD and after about two years as chief. At least one hundred other officers will leave the Seattle Police Department along with Best as a result of the $4 million dollar budget cut. But others may follow simply due to the decaying nature of the city and leadership, both of which are in a near-irreparable state.


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