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Woman Defaces BLM Mural, Gets Charged With HATE Crime!

Two California residents, 42-year-old Nicole Anderson and 53-year-old David Nelson, were charged with a hate crime and two vandalism offenses for defacing a temporary Black Lives Matter (BLM) mural. The incident happened in downtown Martinez, California, 25 miles away from San Francisco in Contra Costa County. The hate crime is specifically described as a “violation of civil rights.”

Where Did The Charges Come From?

The charges stem from a viral video featuring the two residents attempting to paint over a bright yellow “Black Lives Matter” temporary mural on the ground with black paint. The woman is caught on video painting over the “B” and “L” in Black Lives Matter while the man is recording it with his phone and talking to offended onlookers.

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Since the BLM mural was sanctioned by the city with a permit, then vandalism charges are appropriate. But hate crime charges are a bridge much too far.

Par For The Course

Hate crime charges, in this case, are of no surprise considering the location of the initial offense. The San Francisco Bay area is the belly of the beast of liberalism in the United States. Anything that is considered hurtful towards “people of color,” especially black Americans, gets treated with a heightened level of intolerance. Unless, of course, the hurtful action against a “person of color” is something that the leftist hivemind agrees with, like advocating for abortion.

If convicted on all charges, the man and woman face up to a year in jail each. Their bail amounts are not listed due to the virus and may not actually apply at all. If they are jailed, then it would be clearly politically motivated. Beyond the obvious overcharging that they already have on their back.

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Mismatched Punishments

Because in California, sex offenders are being released due to the virus. One newly-released sex offender exposed himself to his probation/parole officer in the office. If people that are clearly not prepared for re-entry into society are being released, then surely these people should not be in jail at all.

Law enforcement leadership has a funny way of going about their job, depending on what area of the country they are in. In California, it’s no big deal to trash, loot, and destroy in the name of Black Lives Matter. The destruction and general vandalism of monuments ranging from Confederate Generals to Founding Fathers to freed slaves is also not an issue. It only becomes an issue when a selectively-sensitive racial topic comes up. Then it’s the end of the world.


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