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Police Brutality is NOT A Serious Issue in the Black Community!

Contrary to popular belief, police brutality is not a serious issue in the black community. When ranking actual, serious issues in the black community, police brutality nearly comes in dead last. Hypertension, heart disease, black-on-black violence, HIV/AIDS, drugs, and alcohol are by far more dangerous to black Americans than police ever could be.

Statistics Need Proper Context

The chances of a totally innocent black person unjustly dying at the hands of the police are so low that it’s not truly worth talking about. That fact begs an obvious question. Why is police brutality being held up as some sort of pressing, civil rights issue for black Americans in 2020?

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An obvious answer here is the one that is constantly in the face of most Americans. The mainstream media. They have been covering the death of George Floyd like he was head of state. Constant news coverage depicts Floyd as a saint (which he clearly was not). And the officers allegedly involved with his death are depicted as the scum of the earth.

This stance from the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media, both on the left and right, places enormous pressure on both regular people and large corporations and everything in between. Discussions about George Floyd boil over at the dinner table. In a household where police brutality is never discussed, that may now become the primary conversation. Which potentially places everyone in an awkward situation.

Corporations With Ulterior Motives

Large corporations take stances against police in their marketing. LEGO discontinued advertising for its police and fire toy sets. A&E declined to air new episodes of LIVE PD and delayed the 33rd season of COPS. Alex Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, stepped down from Reddit’s board and requested that a black person replace him. Discriminatory and racist actions taken all in the name of Black Lives Matter – which purports itself to be anti-discrimination and anti-racism. The irony simply writes itself.

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Through all of the corporate virtue-signaling, not many people ask black people in low-income, dangerous areas what they think. If they did, then defunding the police wouldn’t be a true thing. Black activists pushing for the abolishment of police probably have no actual ties to these areas. If they do, then they simply do not understand how important police are.

Police Are The Last Bastion of Hope

In most black, low-income areas (not synonymous), police are the last bastion of hope. Without the police, what is standing between a neighborhood with no resources and the ever-present criminal element? Not just a stray gangbanger or shooter, but serious organized crime like the Mob or Mexican Cartels?

Most black people who are shot and killed by police were doing something wrong beforehand. And most of the time, the shootings are justified. Sometimes, even when a person is doing wrong, they are killed unjustly. But if they were not doing wrong, to begin with, then the chances of a deadly police encounter are slim to none.

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In closing, enough with the black squares on Instagram. Enough with the generic corporate “Black Lives Matter” statements. They do nothing to help. If they do anything at all, they add fuel to the fire. Police brutality is NOT a serious issue in the black community.

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