Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Fox News Allegedly Cut Ties With Diamond And Silk!

Fox News Channel have allegedly cut ties with political commentators Diamond and Silk, according to The Daily Beast. The network's decision comes...

Karen Whitsett CENSURED After Thanking Trump For Saving Her Life!

Yet ANOTHER black Democratic lawmaker has been punished by their local party for supporting President Donald Trump. In Georgia, State Rep Vernon...

UPDATE: Vernon Jones WILL NOT Resign!

Georgia House Representative Vernon Jones, a black DEMOCRAT Trump Supporter, had signaled that he would resign over attacks for his support of...

Black Democrat FORCED OUT Of Party After Endorsing Trump!

Vernon Jones, a black male Democrat State Rep from Georgia, was forced out of his party after he publicly endorsed Donald Trump...

Black DEMOCRATIC Lawmaker Endorses TRUMP!

Lifelong Democrat and Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones has officially endorsed Donald Trump for President. Jones, who is black, released statements to...

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President Trump Roasts Reporter’s Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, President Donald Trump addressed the media regarding the 2020 Election and his response to one haughty reporter was glorious.

Barack Obama ATTACKS Hispanic Christian Trump Voters

Barack Obama gave "The Breakfast Club" radio show a 50+ minute interview in which he said many things, including disparaging remarks about...

Salty SJW Panel at MSNBC Calls Thanksgiving ‘Colonizer Christmas’

The social justice turkeys in an MSNBC panel dubbed the Thanksgiving holiday as "Colonizer Christmas."

‘To Hell with AOC’: Lin Wood Roasts Congresswoman During Pirro Interview

Attorney Lin Wood had some choice words for Congresswoman AOC during his interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro.