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Criminal Justice Advocate Arrested For Heinous Crime After Appearing On The Joe Rogan Podcast

48-year-old criminal justice advocate Sheldon Johnson was arrested one month after appearing on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Johnson was recently released from prison after serving over 20 years of a 25-year sentence for his involvement in a string of robberies in New York City as a Bloods gang member. Johnson told how he became incarcerated and later turned his life around. He spoke to Joe Rogan alongside Innocence Project lawyer Josh Dubin. The Innocence Project is a 501 nonprofit legal organization committed to exonerating individuals “wrongly” convicted.

Sheldon Johnson became a media darling of sorts after his release. He was touted as a “miracle” and a “model” to prison reform activists. Just one month after his Joe Rogan podcast appearance, Sheldon Johnson was arrested for allegedly shooting a 44-year-old man and dismembering his body. Witnesses say they heard gunfire and commotion in the Bronx apartment where the deceased man was discovered. Johnson was seen coming in and out of the apartment with various cleaning supplies, which was most likely an effort to clean up the obvious mess that would come about after dismembering a body.

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Sheldon Johnson, justice advocate, arrested after body parts in freezer

Ex-con-turned-activist featured on Joe Rogan podcast arrested in gruesome murder | NBC New York – YouTube

Keith Woods on X: “🚨🇺🇸 Last month, Joe Rogan had “prison reform activist” Sheldon Johnson on to discuss the unfairness of the US justice system. Johnson was just out after serving a 25 year jail sentence. He explained how unfair it was that he was sent to prison for as long as he was, and Joe… https://t.co/0iW5AKqEdU” / X

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