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Don Lemon Attacks ALL Trump Supporters As Racist Enablers

CNN anchor Don Lemon said that all Trump supporters are aligned with those who support racist organizations and racist people like the klan. He said this on a live segment with fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. The comments are not uncommon for Don Lemon who previously said that white men are the most dangerous people in the country – despite his being married to a white man.

Lemon’s comments come after the Capitol riots. In Lemon’s defense, nearly every mainstream media outlet has been attacking people who attended the rally and engaged in violence. And rightfully so. But Don Lemon takes it quite a few steps further and attacks all Trump supporters, not just those who attended the rally and not just those who engaged in violence – which would be appropriate.

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Consistent, baseless attacks against conservatives on mainstream media and television are, of course, nothing new. This is par for the course. Especially for CNN. Jim Acosta, another CNN anchor, is famous for being trolled with chants of “CNN SUCKS!” at Trump rallies. Acosta has highlighted these incidences on his Twitter while painting himself as the victim.

The reality is that people are tired of being attacked simply because they are conservative. They are also tired of being attacked for their race. If CNN doesn’t want those chants directed at them, then maybe they should stop attacking half of the American citizenry every night. Most people in America are not evil and just want to live their lives as normal.

Political extremists on all sides are what everyone must watch out for. The problem is that only one side of the political aisle (conservatives) gets heavy scrutiny on their backs for the bad actions of a few. Meanwhile, the other side (leftists) can engage in whatever type of political violence that they please and it is excused and/or ignored by the Don Lemons of the world.

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