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Jussie Smollett “Disses” CNN And Others In New Instagram Song

Former “Empire” actor and famed hate-hoaxer Jussie Smollett has released a brand new “diss” song through his Instagram page. The song features Smollett doing sort of a slow rap style combined with singing toward the end. The subject matter is what anyone would expect from him… just another attempt at trying to “clear” his name. Smollett was accused and ultimately convicted of plotting a fake hate crime three years ago in Chicago. The basic plot of the fake crime was that white guys with “MAGA” hats attacked him for being gay and black.

Although the story was immediately panned as ridiculous and impossible by many, some people actually believed it. And it happened during a time of heightened racial tension due to mainstream media coverage of BLM riots. The hate hoax could have ballooned into something very serious and dangerous. Thanks to the hasty work of the Chicago Police and regular people on the internet who saw through the facade from the beginning, nothing serious really happened as a result of the hoax.

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The new song from Jussie contains lyrics that attempt to absolve him of any responsibility. One lyric literally questions people who think that he is stupid enough to ruin his reputation. Jussie even took a moment to send a few “shots” in the direction of CNN anchor Don Lemon and the popular Instagram blog channel “The Shade Room”. From a music standpoint, there have been better records to grace the airwaves since the invention of such devices. That is for sure. From the standpoint of reality, Jussie is simply living in an alternate universe. The actions that were caught on camera with audio and video as well as his co-defendants’ statements simply do not match up to what was said in this most recent song.


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